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The Island Folk are a community of singers based in Bristol, we are passionate about folk songs and community building. We sing songs from the British Isles and further afield in beautiful harmony. Improvising is also an important part of the Island Folk ethos, developing musicality through gentle guided sound baths. We perform semi regularly at a variety of community events and are always open and welcoming to new members.

Sessions are lead by Polly Wilde, an experienced natural voice leader who believes that everyone can sing and should have the chance and encouragement to do so within their community.

Learn more about this ethos here: https://naturalvoice.net

We sing each week on Thursday evenings in East Bristol and regularly attend a folk night  at the local pub where we can try out new material and socialise.

Sessions are charged on a sliding scale of £30 – £42 for each 6 week term.

The Improvisation is so beautiful…its like a shared meal, everyone brings a little and you get a feast. A safe space is created here, Polly is very supportive and offers genuine uplifting praise.”

Contact us: theislandfolk@gmail.com or via facebook.